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SkinSpeaks was operating under two names: Advancements in Dermatology and SkinSpeaks Spa M.D., This created confusion both inside and outside the business. The noise in this category was already deafening. Shouting out two names just added to the din. Nobody was listening.We proposed a re-brand that merged the clinical side of the business with the cosmetic and leveraged the name SkinSpeaks. The public was all ears.

We created a skincentric brand that was clean and modern without coming across as antiseptic and clinical. We elevated the SkinSpeaks brand in a distinctly resounding way across multiple touch points including, web, video, email, digital, print, ooh and broadcast — all underscored by the new tagline: Skin Speaks. We listen.

Listen up. The results are loud and clear.

330,000Organic visits to their website (a 44% increase since rebrand) 62% increasein Facebook engagement 55% increase in sales leads (since launch of new website) 475,000+ ThousandMedia impressions including cable and broadcast, radio and online outlets.

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